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A field service operation is only as good as its weakest link. That’s why fostering an inclusive and motivating team culture is so essential to Metcor. Delivering smarter specialist solutions for commercial and industrial facilities requires everyone to perform at their best. It is therefore essential that we do all we can to support our team to maximise their potential.

Metcor’s people make a difference – from the apprentice working hard to change their career trajectory, to the seasoned engineer solving a site-critical problem; from the compliance analyst evaluating a key regulatory liability to the client service operative responding to an emergency in the middle of the night. Across these diverse roles, we strive to create an ethos of excellence.

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Strong team culture is essential for high-quality service delivery. At Metcor, we foster a culture which champions excellence, prioritises personal development, and celebrates sustainability.

Our Team | About Us | Metcor
Metcor Group
The desire to improve and develop is part of Metcor’s DNA. That’s why we’ve launched the Metcor Academy - a unique resource to train the next generation of specialist technical talent.
Nico Gaisman, CEO

Realising Potential

We are passionate about developing our people, so that they have the skills and specialism to perform at their best.

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True Community throughout the group

We are not just building an industry-leading service specialist – we are building a community. The Metcor community champions excellence, sustainability and personal growth. As a team, we enjoy celebrating our successes and we pride ourselves on overcoming challenges together.


Sharing the knowledge

Our teams have hundreds of years of expertise in their specialist fields. We are passionate about sharing this knowledge among the next generation of talent. That is why the Metcor Academy programme was created. Beyond this, we invest in continuous development for all our team – through management and leadership training, technical upskilling and building awareness of sustainability and safe working practices.

Metcor On-Site Training for engineers in the Academy training scheme
Our Team | About Us | Metcor

Support and Safety

Excellence in safety is fundamental to our business. We support safe working practices at every step of the process: at induction; through continuous specialist training for managers and operatives alike; in detailed risk assessment documentation; and through our rigorous in-house safety audit function.

A career at Metcor is all about creating positive, sustainable change in the built environment. We invest in our people to help everyone realise their individual potential - and in so doing, we help our group to deliver on its promise of positive impact.
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