About Us


About Us

Metcor is a leading specialist field service operator, delivering environmental compliance and asset performance for site-critical plant and infrastructure.

With integrated expertise across wastewater, clean water and mechanical engineering, we can address the root causes of issues on site, and ensure high-quality solutions are delivered.

Vision & Values

Our people are at the heart of what we do. Giving our teams the tools and training to be their best helps Metcor to deliver high-quality, sustainable solutions for commercial facilities managers.

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We Believe In

Putting People First

Nurturing an industry-leading team of technical specialists and problem solvers

We Believe In

Sustainable Solutions

Providing intelligent solutions for positive environmental and operational impact

We Believe In

Delivering Excellence

Passionate about continuous improvement, in service of a better built environment

Almost 30% of global carbon emissions come from real estate. At Metcor, our solutions help facilities managers reduce their carbon footprint and drive efficiencies to meet critical sustainability goals.
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Metcor Group
Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Metcor Group. Whether mitigating environmental risk through planned maintenance, upgrading assets to improve energy efficiency, or driving 2030 net zero goals across our operations, the green agenda is fundamental to our work.
Nico Gaisman, CEO
Here you’ll find key regulatory, compliance and legal documentation, as well as details of our professional affiliations and certifications.
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