Vision & Values
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Vision & Values

We aim to create a better built environment. We operate in critical areas that help clients to drive asset performance and reduce carbon emissions.

Our Commitment

To create a better built environment, we need to lead by example. That’s why we’ve committed to becoming Net Zero by 2030.

the amount of global carbon emissions that comes from commercial real estate
number of tones of carbon equivalent saved by Metcor fleet route optimisation
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Vision & Values | About Us | Metcor

Putting people first

The safety of our workforce and the environments they work in is fundamental to everything we do. We make sure that everyone can focus on delivering the best possible job whilst feeling safe and secure.

Service excellence

We constantly strive to deliver excellence in our specialist services, providing robust maintenance and innovative solutions.

rating across 24 site audits for key client, putting Metcor in top 0.25% of suppliers
Metcor clients surveyed who would recommend our services
committed annual spend on workforce training and development
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