Asset Enhancement
Asset Enhancement

Metcor is a trusted partner to facilities managers seeking to deliver sustained improvements in site quality, condition and performance. Many of our solutions have the dual benefit of reducing carbon emissions at the same time as cutting operating cost. Asset upgrades can also improve health and safety on site, as well as occupant experience. Across our areas of technical specialism, we deliver these capabilities in-house, from conception and guidance through to delivery and monitoring.

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Cost & Carbon Reduction

Operational emissions from buildings contribute 28% of all global carbon output. The carbon embedded in our water, electricity and energy consumption represent a significant pollutant – and an equally significant operating cost. Metcor’s asset enhancement solutions enable clients to reduce emissions whilst also improving operating efficiency, thus eliminating costs and prolonging asset life. We do this through a range of solutions, including:

  • Voltage optimization
  • Electric vehicle solutions
  • Smart solutions for lighting
  • Smart pump energy and cost reduction
  • Water reduction – plumbing
  • Leak detection and prevention
  • PV (solar) solutions
Asset Enhancement | Services | Metcor


Our teams can provide remediation and repair on site for drainage, pump and electrical assets. With broad expertise in disciplines comprising groundworks, excavation, lining, rewiring and pipework modification, we can provide swift repairs that mitigate heath and safety risks. Our remediation capabilities include:

  • Lighting column repair and reinstatement
  • Lamp replacement
  • Lightning protection repair
  • Manhole cover repair or replacement
  • Channel drainage repair and resurfacing
  • On site pump repair
  • Motor, valve and plant component replacement
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FMs looking to save money and drive sustainability can benefit from Metcor’s refurbishment capabilities. We operate a workshop at our Bedford facility which allows for pumps, fans, motors and other mechanical and electrical equipment to be inspected and refurbished.

This is far more cost-effective than replacing an asset outright, and often we find that asset lives can be extended significantly with relatively simple modifications. There are also major environmental benefits in providing a refurbishment solution instead of a new installation, where such a solution is practicable.

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Where the installation of new plant and equipment is required, Metcor’s teams are experienced in scoping, quoting and installation. We have delivered hundreds of installations on time and on budget at landmark commercial facilities, with expertise in:

  • Electric vehicle charging installations
  • Solar panel installations
  • Efficient lighting solutions
  • Wastewater pump installations
  • Booster set installations
  • Pressurisation unit installations
  • Inverter drive installations
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IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of the built environment, and in many areas of site management, distributed sensor networks are well established. Abnormalities in water or electrical flow can be detected at the earliest point, prompting timely intervention before an issue escalates into a major potential liability. We provide solutions that include

  • Level sensors
  • Lighting sensors
  • Flow monitoring
  • Metering
Asset Enhancement | Services | Metcor
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