Metcor Rebranding FAQs
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Metcor Rebranding FAQs

06 Sep 2023
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Why have you decided to rebrand now?

  • As our group has expanded, and encompassed three complementary subsidiaries, we felt it was appropriate to create a strong, forward-looking group brand to bring these companies together.

Has the ownership structure of Metcor Group, Metcor Environmental, Anglo Pumps, or Aylesford Electrical changed as a result of the rebranding?

  • No, there are no ownership changes as a result of the rebranding. Metcor Group Ltd (formerly Hillgate (1234) Ltd) has been the holding company for the operating businesses in the group from acquisition. The ownership structure remains in its existing form, with Metcor Environmental Ltd (formerly Metro Mechanical Services Ltd), Anglo Pumps Ltd, and Aylesford Electrical Contractors Ltd all subsidiaries owned by the Group.

Does the change mean that the legal form of the company or group companies has changed?

No, the company’s legal form is unchanged.

Will the businesses run by Metcor Group be managed or organised differently?

  • No, the businesses run by Metcor Group will continue to be organised as they currently are. Each business will operate independently, continuing to support its clients with specific and specialist technical requirements. They will continue to benefit from the support and investment of the wider group.

Have any of my key contacts or account managers changed?

  • No, all your key contacts will remain the same.

Are there new email addresses and web domains?

  • It depends. For Anglo Pumps and Aylesford Electrical, there will be no change – the and domains will continue in use. However, for clients of Metcor Environmental (formerly Metro Mechanical), email addresses will change. The [firstname].[lastname] domain will be replaced by [firstname].[lastname]

Will old email addresses work?

  • Yes, any emails sent to old aliases will automatically be forwarded to new email addresses.

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing contracts or agreements?

  • No, nothing is changing regarding any client-supplier commercial relationships.

What is the impact with regard to invoices and remittances?

  • It depends. For Anglo Pumps and Aylesford Electrical, there will be no change. For Metcor Environmental, after invoices and remittances will need to be made out to Metcor Environmental Limited, instead of Metro Mechanical Services Limited. All other details will remain the same.

Have bank details changed?

Has the VAT ID changed?

Do Metcor Group and its subsidiaries need to be set up as new customers?

  • Nothing has changed with regard to our commercial relationships.
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