Metro Mechanical Services is becoming Metcor Environmental
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Metro Mechanical Services is becoming Metcor Environmental

02 Sep 2023
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Metro Mechanical Services, the leading provider of drainage maintenance services, has announced it is rebranding as Metcor Environmental.

“The time is right to give our business a new and truly differentiated brand in the market – and one which reflects the critical role our company plays in preventing pollution and mitigating environmental and regulatory risk.”

Metcor Group CEO, Nico Gaisman


Metcor Environmental is designed to acknowledge the Metro brand’s thirty-year heritage, but it also reflects the company’s evolution into the cornerstone of the Metcor Group, an innovative and sustainability-focused provider of critical services to property and facilities managers around the UK.

Metcor Group CEO, Nico Gaisman, said: : “As part of the Metcor Group, Metcor Environmental’s longstanding property and FM clients will be able to benefit from expanded capabilities, including specialist electrical testing and inspection, commercial plant room remediation, clean water pump solutions, electrical vehicle charger services, and solar panel installation. We believe that this unique offering of specialist, critical, and sustainability-driven services will drive tremendous value for our fast-growing customer base.”

Metro Mechanical Services is becoming Metcor Environmental

Darren Baker, Metcor Environmental’s recently appointed Operations Director, said: “The new Metcor Environmental brand aligns our team around sustainability, service excellence, and innovation. Metcor Environmental will continue to build on the outstanding record of Metro Mechanical in delivering high-quality drainage services, building a team of expert engineers, and contributing to a better built environment.”

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