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East Sussex Care Home

30 Aug 2023
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Faced with Environment Agency intervention, our client urgently needed to replace its outdated sewage treatment system. Metro Mechanical delivered comprehensive surveying, testing, installation and follow-on maintenance services.

The problem:

Existing system was old and in very poor condition

Previous contractor had carried out incomplete modifications

Ill-conceived upgrade choice

Lack of effective maintenance


Increased number of breakdowns

Failure to comply with the terms of the Environment Agency permit for the site

Pollution of the local environment

Contamination of the adjacent ditch

Environment Agency intervention to prevent the site from discharging

Phase 1

Initial steps to scope out project


Assess the existing system and develop a monthly maintenance regime to provide a short-term improvement in reliability


Carry out a Flows & Loads Survey and Analysis of the entire site

Work with WPL to develop a specification for a replacement system that would meet the stringent final effluent quality required by the Environment Agency (10mg/l BOD, 15mg/l Suspended Solids, 5mg/l ammoniacal nitrogen)

Present our detailed proposal to client setting out a solution with a project value of over £180,000

Phase 2

Solving pressing issues and prep for installation


Begin daily tankering of system to ensure no discharge and no further pollution


Increase maintenance


Carry out weekly sampling of final effluent


Work with client estates department to develop a business case that would help them secure capital funding at Director level


Secure provisional manufacturing slot for replacement sewage treatment plant in anticipation of being instructed


Secure instruction from client following competitive tender process

Phase 3

  1. Place order for specialist sewage treatment plant
  2. Prepare CPP and RAMS for approval be client CDM consultant
  3. Pre-start meeting with site maintenance and client M&E Surveyor
  4. Allocate experienced resources
  5. Strip down and refurbish existing Mono munchers
  6. Weekly inspections to monitor performance
  7. Coordinate deliveries of all plant, materials, concrete and equipment
  8. Set start date for site works
  9. Kick-off project

Benefits to the site

  • Impact of successful installation
  • A professionally designed and installed turnkey solution
  • Cessation of localised pollution
  • Dramatically reduced ongoing maintenance costs
  • Increased reliability
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