Eataly London
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Eataly London

30 Aug 2023
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A landmark food retail and restaurant destination in Liverpool Street

The site:

Eataly London is a landmark food retail and restaurant destination in Liverpool Street. The Eataly concept operates across 40 locations in 15 countries around the world. Plans for a London store were initially delayed, but the doors finally opened in 2021.

The challenge:

As a large and complex site promising a premium customer experience, it was vital that food waste be managed carefully at Eataly. Drainage issues from improperly disposed fats, oils and grease (FOG) are a leading cause of blockages and floods. What’s more, stagnant grease creates unpleasant odours that would put even the most enthusiastic diner off their pasta.

The solution

Metro Mechanical were called upon to deliver a solution in partnership with Kessel. Kessel are leading manufacturers of drainage and pump technology products. We are Kessel’s preferred UK partners – a partnership which speaks to Metro Mechanical’s technical expertise and passion for innovation.

Kessel’s EasyClean grease separator system is ideal for a site like Eataly. It has a number of features to facilitate easy maintenance, trap odours, and prevent FOG build up within drain lines. Metro Mechanical commissioned a system to enable grease waste to be separated, macerated and flushed at the touch of a few buttons.

Here are a few features that make the Kessel EasyClean such an effective solution for this site:

  • The separator’s odour-free automatic pumped disposal, which removes the need for suction hoses to be run through the building
  • A discharge point installed in loading bay / service area for vacuum tanker connection
  • The sonic level monitoring system for emptying process
  • The ability to deploy ‘Auto Mix & Pump’ at touch of button: water spray cleaning nozzles with exterior macerating pump and closure valve and actuator valve
  • The ‘Auto Mix & Pump’ cleaning system serves to simultaneously macerate and mix the entire separator contents prior to disposal which eliminates the requirement of a pre-storage tank


Metro Mechanical attended site to fully test and commission the product. This was completely successful and allowed Eataly to proceed with its opening as planned. Metro Mechanical will provide ongoing service and maintenance as needed. However, the unit should require minimal attention going forward and will allow Eataly’s management team to get on with what they do best: making and selling delicious Italian food.

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